Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


Covid 19 Contact Tracing Seminar Held In The NCRPO

The National Capital Region Police Office, under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, attended the COVID 19 Contact Tracing Seminar with Guest of Honor and Speaker, HON. BENJAMIN B. MAGALONG, Mayor of Baguio City and Chief, National Task Force Contact Tracing Against COVID 19.

The seminar was conducted last July 17, 2020 in the Grand Ballroom, Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. Qintoz St. Ermita, Manila.

It aims to equip the participants with the necessary skills in conducting efficient and effective contact tracing in order to protect, care and help those who are affected by the disease.

According to HON. BENJAMIN B. MAGALONG, contact tracing is one of the pillars of our current fight against COVID 19 which triggers the other pillars such as isolation, testing and treatment. Hence, without an effective and efficient contact tracing strategy, all other pillars will fail. Therefore, it is imperative for us to give importance to contact tracing and view things with a sense of strong urgency.

Moreover, the Chief, National Task Force Contact Tracing Against COVID 19 emphasized the importance of law enforcement in contact tracing and appreciated the endeavor of NCRPO in conducting seminars and other initiatives geared to equip its men with the proficiency required of an effective COVID 19 Field Investigator.

“We are all out in this war against the unseen. And today, we pledge our commitment to go the extra mile and help out in the execution and conduct of contact tracing strategies in the Metro. Henceforth, we shall continuously hold seminars and other initiatives like this geared to equip our men with the skills required of an effective and efficient field investigator,” said PMGEN SINAS.