Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



In its continuous quest to address hostage incidents in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region Police Office conducted a Simulation Exercise for Hostage Negotiation at Brgy Ugong, Metro Walk, Pasig City on August 29, 2020.

Early this year, Metro Manila was shocked due to the Hostage Incident that transpired March 2, 2020 in Greenhills, San Juan City, wherein a lone disgruntled security guard armed with firearm and hand grenade has taken 40 persons as hostages. Although the hostage taking was resolved and none of the hostages were hurt, the NCRPO noted during the debriefing the lack of trained team negotiators to handle such situations.

In order to address similar incidents in the future, two teams of Hostage Negotiation per Police District were created. The rise in the hostage taking incidents due to the effect of paranoia caused by Covid19 pandemic is the primary reason that the training has been pushed through.

In view thereof, a Hostage Negotiation training had been conducted with the use of zoom and virtual presentations where PCOL ORLANDO O YEBRA was designated as the overall Supervisor. Part of curriculum of the training a live SIMEX that was conducted on August 29, 2020 to assess the actual reaction of the local police and the negotiation teams with the given scenarios.

The activity was monitored by different Regional Staffs who were also the critics and evaluators of the activity. CCTV were installed and drones were also deployed to monitor every move of the players and to document the activity.

“The creation of Hostage Negotiation Teams per District was done to address the hostage crisis in Metro Manila. While we hope and expect that there will not be the need to respond to any Hostage taking incident, Team NCRPO is still ready, and aiming to produce the best negotiators,” said PMGEN SINAS.