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Official Statement Of PDIR GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR RD, NCRPO Re: Start of Campaign period of National Candidates for 2019 Polls

The National Capital Region Police Office has more than 14,000 personnel deployed in Metro Manila, in preparation for the start of the campaign period for senatorial candidates and Partylist Groups. As the campaign starts February 12, 2019, the next three months are going to be critical; top candidates will be active in all areas of Metro Manila as they start wooing the residents/voters.

     The start of the campaign period also triggers off strict additional rules and regulations set by the COMELEC, for strict compliance by candidates. For the campaign period for local candidates, prohibited acts include appointment/hiring of new employees, creation of new positions, salary increases, and release/disbursement of public funds, among others. The above restrictions are in addition to certain acts already prohibited during the election period which include the gun ban and use of security personnel and/or bodyguards by those seeking positions unless authorized by the poll body, among others.

       In a Press forum held at the NCRPO, PDIR GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR said “The NCRPO will continue to implement the Comelec’s Gun Ban policy sternly up to the Midterm Elections on May 13, 2019. We will also increase the frequency of checkpoints in the Metropolis to help deter criminal minds in executing their evil designs. On the other hand, I have strict orders to our commanders in the field, to observe proper procedures and professionalism when conducting the checkpoints. The public may report discourteous and abusive police personnel to their nearest police station official or to me at NCRPO. I ask the public to be patient and understanding, as our security activities are for the good of everybody.

     PDIR ELEAZAR added,” I am reminding the senatorial candidates and political groups to properly coordinate with the authorities concerned to secure necessary permits for their political rallies and mitings de avance. The proper permits and clearances will pave the way for a more secure and orderly gathering for candidates, audiences and the entire neighborhood.”

     The NCRPO Director also called upon all policemen to maintain a non-partisan position in handling political cases. He directed all officials and policemen to be fair and just, and to always side with what is right. PDIR ELEAZAR assures the public that the NCRPO is all out in its efforts to uphold the integrity of the Midterms Elections of 2019.

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