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National Capital Region Police Office



The Chief of National Capital Region Police office, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauds the invigorated intelligence driven efforts of Pasay City Police Station and Southern Police District which led to the arrest of the suspect in relation to the death of one Aldrin Reyes, 30 years old, single, Hangar Administrator of Challenger Aero Air Corporation.

As a background, the victim was murdered inside his apartment room at Unit 10, Gulla Building, P-35-09 6th/9th Street, Brgy. 183, between the hours of 7:12 pm of July 12, 2020 to 5:30 AM of July 13, 2020. The victim’s deceased body was discovered by his brother at about 4:30 PM of July 14, 2020 and the person of interest during the investigation was his unidentified male companion. Southern Police District’s Medico Legal Officer stated that victim sustained multiple stab wounds at the neck, trunk and extremities.

CCTV footages were collated, collaborated by accounts of witnesses as well as information received, and painstakingly pieced together by the investigators. Series of monitoring, surveillance, operational research and coordination were also conducted to identify the suspect and confirm his whereabouts.

Records show that on July 22, 2020, operatives of Pasay Police Station in coordination with Malolos PNP positively saw the victim’s car. The team tried to verify the occupant, however, the driver sped off and sideswiped two police officers, who both sustained injuries. Malolos City Police Station patrol personnel in the area and members of the follow-up team pursued the fleeing suspect, while Bulacan Police Provincial Office established provincial wide dragnet operation.

Sensing that all possible exits were covered, the driver and his sister, as passenger, instead followed the interior roads and were apprehended at about 6:41 PM of July 22, 2020 near their residence at Dream Crest Subdivision, Brgy. Longos, Malolos City, Bulacan initially for Direct Assault.

The suspect was identified as Michael Jeck Pon-an y Ignacio, 28 years old, single, Fitness Instructor at Fitness Infinity and resident of Block 34 Lot 2 Phase 2-B Dream Crest Homes, Longos, Malolos, Bulacan.

Recovered from his possession was the stolen car of the victim with a different plate number. Verification made at LTO showed that the said plate is non-existent. Furthermore, the Investigators were able to convince Salvador Pon-an, the father of Michael Jeck, to have the room of Michael Jeck searched which led in the recovery of the missing credit, membership and fleet cards of Aldrin Reyes.

Proper documentation of the case is now being undertaken. Suspect is under the custody of Pasay City Police Station. A case of Direct assault will be filed against the suspect Michael Jeck Pon-An before the Malolos Prosecutor’s office, while the cases of Murder, Carnapping and Theft will be filed before the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office.

“I am happy that our investigators and operatives were able to immediately identify and apprehend the perpetrator so that justice will be afforded to the victim and his family. This successful and immediate case resolution strongly manifests that with our investigator’s perseverance, valuable intelligence gathering, collaborated efforts of our community and different police units, the PNP can efficiently and effectively combat crimes,” PMGEN SINAS emphasized.