Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


3 Days Lockdown Of QCPD HQ: 14 Tested Positive For Covid 19

NCRPO under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, prioritizes the welfare of his men who relentlessly fight criminality and now serve as frontliners amid the global health crisis brought by CoViD 19.

Towards this end, the QCPD HQ in Camp Karingal, Quezon City was placed under a 3-day lockdown following the initial result of the target group testing conducted therein from April 25-29, 2020.

Out of the 1,563 population inside Camp Karingal to include Regional Support Units, target group testing was conducted to a total of 219 personnel. 115 results were already released and 14 personnel tested positive for COVID19 infection while 104 are still waiting for result.

One of the 14 positively tested patients is a member of JTF-NCR while the remaining 13 are elements of QCPD. Nine (9) of whom are Police Commissioned Officers and four (4) are Police Non-Commissioned Officers.

Further probe disclosed that 10 of the patients are presently assigned in the District Headquarters in Camp Karingal, Quezon City. The three (3) other patients are assigned in QCPD Police Community Precincts.

Considering the fact that those who tested positive were previously tasked in the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Quarantine Control Points, it was deemed necessary to immediately conduct preventive measures and reactionary protocol to ensure that the virus will not thrive and infect more of our fronline workers.

Hence, the implementation of a 3-day QCPD Camp-wide lockdown is necessary to facilitate the following measures:

1) Conduct an intensive contact tracing of those who were in close contact with the 13 positives patients who were already placed in the NCRPO Special Care Facility;

2) Conduct evaluation and monitoring of those who were in direct contact with the positive patients and to have them isolated in the SCF;

3) Make an assessment about the status of the 104 personnel who underwent nasopharyngeal swab test pending their result and to determine whether they should be placed under quarantine;

4) Determine and assess those who will be recommended and prioritized to undergo nasopharyngeal swab test;

5) Immediately decontaminate the whole facility of Camp Karingal QCPD; and

6) Implement measures to prevent the further spread of COVID19 virus to other personnel.

Meanwhile, the District Director of QCPD, PBGEN RONNIE S MONTEJO, who was again tested with negative result, is temporarily holding his office at Kamuning Police Station 10, Quezon City Police District.

“Our most important resource against this battle is our human resource. Hence, we opt to implement all possible measures to ensure their safety and guarantee that they are in their optimum health condition as they go to the frontline to face the unseen deadly virus. I commend the action taken by QCPD in handling this crisis well. We pledge all the necessary support that we can provide to alleviate the impact of this crisis to QCPD.  May the good Lord bless and protect us all,” said PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS.