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804K Worth of Fake Alcohol Seized, Manufacturers Arrested in Caloocan City

Joint Operatives of NPD-District Special Operation Unit and District Mobile Force Batallion led by PMAJ MARIO B MANIPON under the personal supervision of PLTCOL GIOVANNI HYCENTH H CALIAO I, Chief, DSOU together with Mr. Randy M. Quiom, FDA Rep.; Ms. Cecilia B Eguilan, DTI Rep.; Mr. Renato Dela Cruz, Caloocan City BPLO Rep. and SFO2 Edgardo Gallardo, Caloocan City BFP Representative nabbed alleged manufacturers of fake isoprophyl alcohol products at about 2:33PM of April 16, 2020.

The operation stemmed from an information recieved by DSOU, NPD last April 4, 2020 regarding an alleged illegal manufacturing and selling of counterfeit Isoprophyl Alcohol at No. 314 – 315, Quadra St, Brgy. 163, Sta Quiteria, Caloocan City.

Acting on the said information, verification was immediately conducted via Facebook and after a successful online transaction, the operatives were able to purchase isoprophyl alcohol which was submitted on April 6, 2020 to FDA for laboratory test and verification for existing registration or authority to manufacture and sell.

Verification and laboratory test on the product submitted disclosed that the the same does not conform to that of an isoprophyl alcohol and that the subject person is not a licensed manufacturer under FDA.

Upon release of the Certification and Laboratory Test Result on April 15, 2020 from the Food and Drug Administration, due coordination with the concerned Government Agencies were made and a buy-bust operation to arrest the suspects were plotted.

Arrested during the operation are the following suspects:

  1. Bea Angela Acosta y Macaya, 21 y/o, Assistant Admin, residing at Lucas Quadra St., Sta Quiteria, Caloocan City;
  2. Ronnel Almojuela y Pasgala, 24 y/o, worker, residing at No. 6175, Mercado St., Brgy. Gen T De Leon, Valenzuela City; and
  3. Christian Roa y Capistrano, 27 y/o, worker, residing at San Gregoria, Brgy. Gen T De Leon, Valenzuela City;

Recovered from them are the following items:

a. Twenty (20) pcs. unlabeled gallons of alleged Isophrophyl Alcohol (Subject of Buy Bust Operation), amounting to P9,000.00;

b. One (1) pc. genuine P1,000.00 bill, incorporated with eight (8) pcs. P1,000.00 budol money, all powder dusted with UV Powder and utilized as buy-bust money;

c. One (1) pc. Electronic weighing scale;

d. One (1) pc. Electric mixer;

e. One (1) pc. Electric Heat Gun colored orange;

f. One (1) pc. Electric Heat Gun colored yellow;

g. Two (2) pcs. Large Measuring Cup;

h. Two (2) pcs. Medium Measuring Cup;

i. Three (3) pcs. Small Measuring Cup;

j. Six (6) pcs. Funnel;

k. Assorted Sticker and Paraphernalia use in labelling;

l. Four hundred seventy-six (476) pcs. unlabeled gallons containing alleged Isophrophyl Alcohol, amounting to P214,200;

m. One hundred fifty-nine (159) big boxes containing 8 unlabeled gallons (each box) of alleged Isoprophyl Alcohol,amounting to P572,400.00;

n. Four (4) small boxes containing 5 unlabeled gallons (each box) of alleged Isoprophyl Alcohol, amounting to P9,000.00;

o. One (1) unit Apple Iphone 11 cellularphone colored black; and

p. Twenty-four (24) boxes of unregistered assorted Cosmetic Products (confiscated by FDA).

NCRPO Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS reiterated his call for an intensified campaign against illegal manufacturers of essential health products especially amid the CoViD 19 pandemic.

“It is devastating to see that despite the health crisis that we are facing, some still manages to take advantage of our people for profit. May I reiterate that we are in a battle against an unseen enemy. Selling these fake products might cause the very lives of the buyers who believe that they have already sanitized their hands and therefore touch their faces and consequently, they will get infected because the product turned out to be fake. Hence, I encourage everyone to purchase your supplies from reliable and authorized sources only. Let us all be vigilant,” said PMGEN SINAS.

The Suspects along with the confiscated items were brought to the office of NPD-DSOU for documentation and proper disposition pending filing of appropriate charges in court.