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Cayetanos’ Food Supply Donation To NCRPO

The Chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS personally received the food supplies donated by Speaker of the Lower House Congress, Representative Alan Peter S Cayetano and Representative Maria Laarni L Cayetano from the Lone District of Taguig City on April 16, 2020 at NCRPO Grandstand, Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City.

“The men and women of NCRPO serve as one of the vital front liners in this fight. The service of our men is inevitable in this war against the unseen. Hence, the leadership of Team NCRPO is maximizing all our means to provide them with adequate supplies. Therefore, the food supplies we receive are a huge help to all police officers performing their stringent call of duty,” said PMGEN SINAS.

“Next to doctors and nurses, you are the most exposed to this virus. With the turn-over of these supplies, we are hoping that you will realize that you are always in our hearts and minds. We pray for you, your safety as well as your family who worry for your health and safety,” Representative Lani Cayetano stated.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Alan Peter S Cayetano stressed that NCRPO is a big help in flattening the curve. “We thank you because when we are sleeping, you are guarding, when our children are being sold of drugs, you are running after the sellers. When thieves are entering our houses, you are risking your lives to apprehend them. Sometimes it takes pain, big challenge and tragedy to appreciate people who are working for you 24/7”.

On the other hand, PMGEN SINAS expressed his gratitude for the support and inspiration of Representative Alan and Representative Lani have shown in the midst of crisis. “We thank you for the unwavering support to NCRPO. We greatly appreciate your genuine concern and incessant generosity towards us,” PMGEN SINAS said.