Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, the Chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, ordered for the conduct of an extensive investigation regarding the shooting incident which transpired along President Quirino Highway corner Anak Bayan St., Barangay 686, Zone 75 Paco, Manila which resulted in the instantaneous death of the Chief Inquest Prosecutor of the City of Manila earlier this morning at about 10:52AM of July 7, 2020.

Initial investigation disclosed that the victim identified as JOVENCIO SENADOS y Aliman, 62 years old, married and the Chief Inquest Prosecutor, Manila City Prosecutors and last resided at B53 L19 Villa Palao Banlic, Calamba, Laguna together with the witness, were onboard a red Toyota Yaris with temporary plate No. 050101 bearing conduction sticker VL 7789 traversing west bound of President Quirino Avenue.

Suddenly upon reaching the corner of Anak Bayan Street, a black Mitsubishi Montero suddenly appeared from the right side and without any warning, fired several shots towards the victim who was then seating on the right front passenger side of the vehicle.

This caused him serious injuries which resulted to his instantaneous death. Thereafter, the suspects immediately drove off west bound heading Roxas Boulevard.

Meanwhile, Paco PCP received a telephone call at about 11:00 AM regarding the incident prompting the personnel of Paco PCP to immediately respond and cordon the crime scene to preserve the integrity of the pieces of evidence therein.

Further, the other personnel of the police station together with the Station Follow-up Team conducted hot pursuit and dragnet operations for possible apprehension of the perpetrators.

Moments later, MPD SOCO Team arrived at the scene and conducted technical services while the MPD Homicide Investigation team arrived and took cognizance of the case.

“We are saddened by this incident and the loss of Manila City’s Chief Prosecutor. We guarantee the conduct of an in-depth investigation to immediately locate the perpetrators and give justice to the bereaved family of our brother in public service,” PMGEN SINAS said.