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Chinese Nationals Nabbed For Robbery Hold-Up In Muntinlupa

Two chinese national suspects of robbery-hold up and a security guard suspect for theft were apprehended by element of Muntinlupa Police Station at about 4:00 PM of April 16, 2020 along Commerce Avenue, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

NCRPO Regional Director, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS identified the suspects as Wang Hui Yang, Chinese National, 27 years old, male, married; Xie Jian Nan, Chinese National, 30 years old, male, single; and Luwie P Manuevo, 34 years old, male, single, residing at No. 91 Dalya St., Brgy. Old Capitol Site, Quezon City.

Meanwhile, victims were identified as Zhu Haijun, Chinese National, 41 years old, male, married, businessman, residing at No. 2202 Tower B, Jazz Residence, Bel Air, Makati City.

Investigation disclosed that prior to the incident, above suspects pretended to be working in a financing company and offered the victim to convert his Philippine money worth Six Million pesos into Chinese money which upon receipt of the said peso bill will be deposited in his account already in Chinese denomination.

Furthermore, the victim accompanied by his wife met-up with the suspects and while inside the car, the victim showed the said amount of money to the suspects. Suddenly, said suspects sprayed unknown liquid substance on their eyes which made them lost their eyesight temporarily, Thereafter, suspects fled and carted the stolen items. When they regained their eyesight, a chase ensued and while in the process, one of the said suspects aimed a firearm towards the said victim.

However, with the help of security guard Manueva assigned thereat, suspects were arrested in possession of the above recovered items and was brought to the Admin Security Office of Westgate Hub and later turned over to the responding elements from Substation-5 of Muntinlupa.

Meanwhile, recovered pieces of evidence were as follows:

Recovered Pieces of Evidence:

  1. One (1) Unit Caliber .45 Pistol with Serial no. 940283,
  2. Two (2) pieces live .45 Caliber Ammunition,
  3. One (1) piece Caliber 45 magazine,
  4. One (1) piece colored black
  5. blue black pack containing cash worth Php 5,900,000.00
  6. One (1) piece Back pack color black
  7. Four (4) pieces Iphone Cell Phone.
    Unrecovered Evidence: Php 100,000.00

Upon arrival at the office of Sub-station 5, said recovered evidence were personally accounted by the victim in the presence of PLT NELSON G CABLITAS, Chief Substation-5, but the 6M was found to have a missing amount of Php 100,000.

Interrogation was conducted Substation-5 personnel to the above security guard, and it was discovered that he managed to keep the missing amount of money together with his co-guard on duty without the knowledge of the owner.

Cases of Robbery for the two Chinese National suspects and Theft for the said guard are being prepared before Muntinlupa City Police Station for the filing of this case.

PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS said that Team NCRPO is continuously conducting operations as it invigorates its efforts to wipe out all forms of criminality. “More and more people are taking advantage of the crisis that we have now. Nonetheless, police officers are always here, ready to respond immediately”.