Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



The National Capital Region Police Office, Chief, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS commends the generous initiative of PS – 7 Jose Abad Santos, Manila Police District for distributing cup noodles to 189 individuals at the Custodial facility of Jose Abad Santos Police Station Along Jose Abad Santos Ave., Tondo, Manila at about 11:45AM on September 7, 2020.

Since day one, our policemen have been on the frontlines to implement the guidelines and protocols to contain the spread of this deadly virus in the region regardless of its danger to one’s health.

During this trying times, a simple act of kindness means a lot. We have witnessed individuals and groups donating goods, foods and other necessities needed by our countrymen. Among the generous individual is Mr Wilson Sy, Vice Chairman of Asian Alliance Holdings Corp. and Director of Vantage Equities, Inc. Mr Sy is known for his charity works and generosity. Recently, he donated 100 boxes of cup noodles intended for our police front liners at PS-7 which was received by the Station Commander.

Moreover, the station commander extended his gratitude to the donor and shared the donations not only to his subordinates but also to the one hundred eighty nine (189) persons under Police Custody (PUPC). This incident proves that our police officers also respects and understand the people under their custody especially during this current pandemic.

PMGEN SINAS said that the act of kindness may be simple but the gesture made by the personnel of PS-7 is highly commendable. They did not forget to share the blessings they received.