Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


Generally Peaceful Celebration of Labor Day 2020

The NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS sets-out a generally peaceful celebration of Labor Day 2020 in the Metro this 1st day of May 2020.

Days prior, Team NCRPO prepared to secure the upcoming Labor Day Anniversary Celebration through deployment of policemen in places of convergence and vital installations.

This preparation is in consideration of the fact that Labor Day Celebration was previously marred with rallies and demonstrations from different sectoral groups particularly on the labor side airing their plight to end contractualization, better working conditions and salary increase.

With this, NCRPO launched a security plan which includes intensified deployment, anti-criminality interventions and monitoring of rallies and other related security measures in addition to the currently existing deployment in QCPs all over the Metro to curb the increasing number of persons infected by CoViD 19.

Further, lateral coordination with other law enforcement agencies was established for more comprehensive security coverage.

“The current health crisis made this Labor Day Celebration more challenging for us. Yet, with the support of the community and our counterparts from other concerned agencies, we are able to peacefully celebrate this year’s Labor Day with ease,” said NCRPO Chief, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS.