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Hostage Taking Incident In Las Piñas, Suspect Arrested, Minor Victim Rescued Safely

The National Capital Region Police Office, Chief, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS commended the Las Piñas City Police Station, Southern Police District for their immediate response to a hostage taking incident that happened inside the residence of the victim located at Block 2, Lot 11, San Antonio St. Metrocor, Pasong Cobra, Barangay Talon 5, Las Piñas City at around 6:30 AM of August 27, 2020.

The suspect was identified as certain JOEL NERI of legal age, temporarily residing at Block 2, Lot 11, San Antonio St. Metrocore, Pasong Cobra, Barangay Talon 5, Las Piñas City.

Investigation shows that the the suspect was temporarily residing at the house of one Louie Pomasin. Neri was a godfather of Pomasin’s son, thus, he was permitted to stay with them.

However, on August 27, 2020, Pomasin found out that NERI took his 4 year old son to the corner of their room, held a kitchen knife and pointed the same to the victim’s neck. He further threatened the family to inflict harm to the child. Frightened for the life of his son, Pomasin quickly reported the incident to the operatives of Police Sub Station – 4 of Las Piñas City Police Station.

There and then, the operatives immediately proceeded to the location to evaluate the situation. The area was cordoned and isolated to avoid any commotion from the neighborhood, a Crisis Management Task Group was also activated and only the trained and expert negotiator was allowed to talk to the suspect, Neri.

With all the necessary precautions made in order to ensure the safety of the victim, a negotiation transpired between the police and the suspect himself.

During the negotiation, which lasted for three (3) hours, suspect demanded the following:

1. To call a certain BELEN CADIZ; and

2. A media coverage from GMA 7

Calculating every circumstance, operatives took the opportunity to subdue Neri while handing him a drinking water, thus, he was apprehended. Consequently, the tactical strategy also resulted in the safe rescue of the minor victim.

Further Probing reveals that prior to the incident, the victim’s father already noticed some strange behavior of the suspect. He suspected that Neri is suffering from mental disorder and depression as shown by his attempt to commit suicide by burning himself and slicing his wrist during the past few days. Moreover, he was courting one Belen Cadiz and was rejected.

Seized from the suspect are two (2) bladed weapons:

a) Chopping knife measuring more or less twelve (12) inches; and

b)  Kitchen knife measuring more or less eight (8) inches

The victim together with his father were brought to DSWD and WCPD of Las Piñas City Police Station for Stress Debriefing and Psychological Counselling.

The arrested suspect was brought to Las Piñas City General Hospital for medical treatment and mental assessment. Documentation is also being made for filing of appropriate charges against him.

“I would like to commend the operatives of Las Piñas City Police Station, SPD for their commendable response to the hostage taking incident, duly observing the Police Operational Procedures. No one was hurt and most especially, the child was rescued because of the extraordinary courage of our responding officers. In instances like this, “Life” of everyone involved is our utmost concern,” PMGEN SINAS stated.