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  Regional Headquarters
 Rank/Name  Designation
PCSUPT JOEL NAPOLEON MARTINEZ CORONEL Deputy Regional Director for Administration


Deputy Regional Director for Operations
PCSUPT CRIZALDO OBISPO NIEVES Regional Chief Directorial Staff
PSUPT RODERICK DEVILLES MARIANO Officer-in-Charge, Secretary to Regional Directorial Staff
PSSUPT JOAQUIN RAYOS ALVA Chief, Regional Personnel and Records Management Division
PSSUPT GLICERIO C CANSILAO Chief, Regional Intelligence Division
PSSUPT BERNARD RELATO YANG Acting Chief, Regional Operations and Plans Division
PSSUPT JUAN BINAMIRA AÑONUEVO Chief, Regional Logistics Division
PSSUPT AUDIE ALOLOR VILLACIN Acting Chief, Regional Police Community Relations Division
PSSUPT ALDEN BACARRA DELVO Chief, Regional Comptrollership Division
PSSUPT SIMNAR S GRAN Chief, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division
PSSUPT RAMCHIRISEN VILLA HAVERIA Officer-in-Charge, Regional Training and Education Division
PSSUPT DANTE PESA NOVICIO Regional Plans and Strategy Management Division
PSSUPT JOEL RENTOY CONSULTA Force Commander, Regional Mobile Force Battalion
PSUPT ROLANDO MANATAD BALASABAS Officer-in-Charge, Regional Headquarters Support Group
PSSUPT MICHAEL ARCILLAS DAVID Chief , Presidential PNP Security Force Unit
PSINSP MYRNA SALEY DIPLOMA Officer-in-Charge, Regional Public Information Office
PSUPT NOEL LANDICHO BUNAG Chief, Regional Complaints and Referral Monitoring Center
PSUPT CHRISTIAN VENTURA DELA CRUZ Chief, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office
PCINSP TYRONE DE GUZMAN VALENZONA Chief, Regional Direct Support Unit
PCINSP FLORIAN D REYNADO Chief, Regional Tactical Operations Center
SPO4 Alexander M Jimenez Regional Executive Senior Police Office
NUP Criselda M Pilor Non-Uniformed Personnel Affairs Section
Regional Support Units
Rank/Name Designation
PSSUPT FELIX E NESTOR Officer-in-Charge, Regional Internal Affairs Service NCR
PSUPT LUIS BAUTISTA Chief, Regional Health Service
PSUPT ALADIN M COLLADO Acting Chief, Regional Finance Service Office 16
PSUPT RONILO A DATU Officer-in-Charge, Regional Chaplain
PSUPT HILARIO CLARO S DE VILLA Officer-in-Charge, Regional Communications and Electronics Office
  Chief, Regional Project Management Unit
PSUPT THOMAS MANIQUIZ VALMONTE Acting, Regional Legal Affairs Service
PSUPT SHIRLEY MAE SALVADOR ALI Chief, Information Technology Office
PSUPT DIONISIO DELA CRUZ APAS JR Chief, Regional Special Training Unit
PSUPT NELVIN M RICOHERMOSO Training Director, National Capital Region Training Center




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