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1. Use common sense. Try to talk your way out of it.
2. Try to negotiate.
3. Stall for time.
4. Be verbally assertive.
5. Distract or divert the assailant, then flee. Run toward an open business are or towards a public place where is a group of people. Hide if you can get the opportunity.
6. Scream as loud as possible, and keep it up to attract attention and help from people nearby.
7. During an armed attack, you must decide the proper course of action.
8. There is no hard and fast rule as to self-defense. You must consider your physical capabilities, your location, and your perceived chances of success. If you cannot escape, bide for time and look for another opportunity. A half-hearted attempt could be worse than no attempt at all.
9. Notify the police immediately when you get the opportunity. And if there are witnesses, ask them to stay until the police arrive.
10. It is not advisable to carry guns, clubs, knives, or chemical sprays. It is illegal to carry some of these weapons, and they could be used against you. It is advisable not to carry weapons.
11. And finally, if a crime occurs, report it. When you report a crime and all the facts about it, it helps the police to assign the officers in the places where crimes are occurring or where they are most likely to occur. If you don’t report a crime, this allows the criminal to operate without interferences. Tell the police what you know. No fact is too trivial.

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