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1. Beware of “get-rich-quick” promos in the internet or through text messages claiming that you have been randomly selected as the winner of a raffle or sweepstakes draw. These are usually scams or practical jokes even if they claim to have DTI permits.
2. Do not fall for internet messages claiming that you have been made a beneficiary of the money of rich people from other countries such as Nigeria. These are schemes of transnational crime syndicates.
3. Do not accept any package or parcel from the mail or delivery services if you do not know the source; it may contain illegal materials, contrabands or drugs.
4. Refuse any request to handcarry packages from other people you know. You will surely land in jail if such packages contain illegal substances.
5. Be on guard against illegal recruiters for jobs abroad. Check first with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) if the recruitment agency is legal. Further, confirm if there is a job order. Legal placement Fees must not exceed a month’s wages.
6. Do not give out important information such as ATM count numbers, e-mail passwords or credits card numbers on the internet or to a call center representative.
7. Avoid communicating with strangers in chat rooms recruiting you for clandestine internet business. You may end up a victim of cyber-sex or human trafficking syndicates.

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