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1. Instruct children not to stay outdoors without the company of parents or guardians to avoid being victim of abduction.
2. If your children have to go out with other companions, know the identities of their companions and the address and telephone number of the place they are going to. Know the background of your children’s fried.
3. Warn children not to talk or receive anything from strangers. If such strangers are persistent, advice children to shout, run, and immediately inform their parents, relatives, or authorities such as teachers, security guards or police.
4. Always coordinate with the school regarding the security of the children. Inform the school authorities that they are prohibited from divulging any information about your children and giving away their pictures without your permission.
5. Inform the school on who is authorized to fetch your child. This arrangement must not be violated until you yourself give word of any change In the arrangement.
6. In crowd places such as malls, keep your children close to you and keep an eye on them at all times. Children are prone to wander off.
7. Warn teenage children, especially females, against smooth-talking and dubious characters who may have criminal’s intentions or who are bad influences or appear to be bad influences.

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