On November 5, 2018 at about 7:00pm, the complainant @Maria assisted by personnel of the Regional Women and Children Protection Desk (RWCPD), NCRPO sought police assistance from Regional Special Operations Unit (RSOU), NCRPO for the immediate arrest of the two police officers who allegedly raped @Maria.   


At about 11:00pm of November 5, 2018, after coordination made with PSUPT ROSSEL CEJAS, Station Commander of Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Police Station 4 Novaliches, RSOU operatives together with personnel of RWCPD and @Maria proceeded to said Police Station for the conduct of joint follow-up operation for the possible arrest of the two policemen who were also assigned in QCPD Police Station 4 Novaliches.

At about 2:00am, November 6, 2018, joint police operation resulted in the arrest of PO1 Jayson Portuguez y Cudiamat, 29 years old, married and resident of Block 2, Lot 20, Kasamakay Home Owners, NPC Road, Brgy. Kaibigan, Caloocan City. The other suspect, identified as: PO1 Severiano Montalban III and resident of No. 1824 Zenia Street, Area B, Camarin, Caloocan City failed to show up at the Police Station.      

Investigation conducted disclosed that on November 2, 2018 at about 6:00pm, @Maria visited her live-in partner John Kenneth Carillo who was earlier arrested by operatives of QCPD Police Station 4 Novaliches for alleged violation of PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling).

Thereafter, @Maria went to Plaza Nova to visit her friends. Subsequently, shortly after midnight on November 3, 2018, elements of Tactical Motorcycle Riders (TMR) and Mobile Patrol Unit (MPU) of QCPD Police Station 4 arrived and immediately placed @Maria under arrest together with five (5) other women for alleged violation of PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling). They were immediately brought to Quezon City General Hospital for medical examination.

@Maria further narrated that while they were at the Quezon City General Hospital for medical examination, @Maria approached one of the police officers who arrested them which she identified as certain police officer Montalban whom she was able to identify through his name plate. @Maria pleaded with the latter to let her go for the reason that her husband was already incarcerated at the same Police Station for violation of PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling). PO1 Montalban III replied that she should give something in return for her request - and that was, for her to have sex with him. Out of fear of being incarcerated, complainant gave in to the demand of police officer “Montalban” and at about 1:00am of November 3, 2018, @Maria agreed to have sex with P01 Montalban III. She was then brought by the two police officers in a dark portion of the Quezon City General Hospital on board a police mobile pick-up vehicle and there, police officer Montalban and @Maria had sex. Afterwards she was passed on to the other police officer, PO1 Portuguez, who did not have sexual intercourse with her but instead obliged her to indulge in other sexual acts.

After @Maria's ordeal in the hands of Police Officers Montalban III and Portuguez, the complainant was later dropped-off at Buenamar St., at Nova proper, Novaliches, Quezon City. Meanwhile, the other arrested persons were brought to the QCPD Police Station 4 Novaliches after medical examination.

            On November 6, 2018, at about 2:00am, together with the elements of the RSOU and the RWCPD inside QCPD, Station 4 Novaliches, @Maria positively identified PO1 Jayson Portuguez y Cudiamat in the police line-up as the police officer who earlier asked her to perform sexual acts with him.

At that juncture, RSOU operatives placed PO1 Jayson Portuguez under arrest as he verbally admitted that he forced the victim to perform sexual acts for his pleasure. PO1 Severiano Montalban III, did not report for duty and that time remains at-large.

The arrested suspect was later brought to RSOU for investigation and proper disposition.              

NCRPO Director, PDIR GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR was very displeased with the acts of the two policemen. PDIR ELEAZAR ordered a total manhunt for the immediate arrest of PO1 Montalban III that resulted in his surrender at 7pm of November 6, 2018.

A case for violation of RA 8353 (The Anti-New Rape Law of 1997) was referred before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office against PO1 Jayson Portuguez and PO1 Severiano Montalban III.

PDIR ELEAZAR said, "the timing of this incident comes at the worst time. As police critics are still hitting the organization for the recent rape incident involving another policeman whom we arrested, this one now comes as if to confirm what some critics are saying."

The NCRPO Director then added, "I encourage more victims of police abuse to come forward, so we can really send the message to our policemen that reform is at hand. The PNP with our Chief, PNP PDG OSCAR DAVID ALBAYALDE leading the way, is determined to rid our ranks of undeserving policemen." ELEAZAR added "At least, now, the complainants are coming out. At least now, victims know that the police institution is on their side and shall not tolerate these police abuses. I ask more victims to come to us with their complaints. And I assure the public that we will put these police scalawags in jail."

The spate of PO1s involved in abuses also bothers PDIR ELEAZAR. "We must be able to screen our applicants well. We have instituted reforms in our recruiting process as well to try to ensure the quality of our new policemen."###iloveNCRPO###TeamNCRPO###InternalCleansing

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