Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office



The National Capital Region Police Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauded another Best Practice by Eastern Police District, District Mobile Force Battalion – the “Karpintero ko, Pulis ko”.

This initiative aims to institute a prompt and cost effective construction, maintenance and improvement of facilities and infrastructures inside the police camp.

Verily, having a hands-on participation in the installation and management of camp facilities and structures will create an environment of implied ownership and develop an innate sense of responsibility and accountability among its personnel towards their surroundings.

Moreover, especially considering the current health crisis, this initiative will greatly lessen the exposure of personnel to outside workers thereby minimizing the chances of contracting the Covid 19 virus and its proliferation inside the police camp.

Further, this endeavor aims to encourage volunteerism which was proven to be beneficial to a person’s mental and physical health. It helps counteract the ill-effects of stress, anger and anxiety. The social contact aspect of working with a team towards the attainment of a goal was found to have a profound effect in one’s overall psychological well-being.

The project was participated by personnel from the Eastern Police District, District Mobile Force Battalion and supported by its Advisory Council and other Stakeholders.

Currently, the “Karpintero ko, Pulis ko” initiative was able to accomplish several projects such as the following thus:

1.DMFB Facade;

2.DMFB Roofing;

3.Refurbishing of Male Container Barracks;

4: Renovation of Female Container Barracks;

5. Construction of Plant Box;

6. Renovation of 1st Mobile Force Company Office;

7. Renovation of 2nd Mobile Force Company Office;

8. Renovation of “Kaagapay Nook” (Kubo);

9. Renovation of DMFB HQs Office;

10.  Repair and Maintenance of DMFB Drum Boat;

11. DMFB Tactical Operation Center;

12. Renovation of DMFB Comfort/Washroom;

13. Renovation of Intel Office;

14. Construction of CDM Equipment Shed;

15. DMFB Force Commander’s Office; and

16. DMFB Health Unit/Medics.

“I commend the initiative of EPD-DMFB in coming up with this “Karpintero ko, Pulis ko” project. Truly, this will develop a good sense of stewardship among our men and lessen the cost we spend in repair of infrastructure. Following its numerous benefit to Team NCRPO, I enjoin the institutionalization of this initiative and the launching of similar project in other police camps and offices,” said PMGEN SINAS.