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National Capital Region Police Office



The National Capital Region Police Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS spearheaded the simulation exercise in coordination with Mr. Jimmy Chua, Safety and Security Manager, LRTA 2 in preparation for the resumption of LRTA operations in the Metro.

The simulation exercise aims to test the effectivity and applicability of protocols in actual scenario through the help of NCRPO Police Trainees who acted as test passengers.

Among the initiatives of Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) 2 tested were the following:

a. Passenger Distribution Control Protocol- only a total of 160 from the original 1,600 passengers will be accomodated per platform to give way to the implememtation of an effective crowd control procedures.

b. Social Distancing Protocol-
a one-way yellow lines are placed in entrances, x-ray machine lines, stairs, platform areas, holding areas, connecting lines, link bridges, payment areas, and other places frequented by passengers to guide them as to the distance they must keep from other persons around them.

c. Safety Protocols-
Prevention and safety measures were installed such as foot baths and disinfecting mats, hand held metal detector for searching deadly weapon and other prohibited items, thermal scanners to prevent those with a temperature exceeding 37.8°C from entering the premises and alcohol/sanitizing gels were also made available but the passengers may opt to wash their hands in station toilets with soap and running water.

d. Informational Campaign
Banners, posters, tarpaulines and other visual aids were made available within the premises to enhance awareness on safety protocols being implemented inside the station.

Meanwhile, on top of the the above-mentioned initiatives, each train will undergo extensive satinitation procedure upon reaching the last station by the end of every trip.

“Public safety is our primordial concern. Our citizens will be needing public transport to go to work and other places and the LRT is one of the indispensable and fastest mode of transportation in Metro Manila. Surely, most of our people will take this as an option for their daily transport. Hence, we are working in close partnership with LRTA to guarantee public safety should we finally come to the resumption of public transport,” PMGEN SINAS said.