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Medical Mission and Distribution of Relief Goods

NCRPO initiated Medical Mission and Distribution of Relief Goods to the victims and evacuees of the Taal Volcano Eruption.

On Jan 15, 2020 @11:30AM, NCRPO in coordination and NHQ-PNP HS and the doctors of BJMP n Manila City Hospital and in partnership with PCSO conducted a Medical Mission n Distribution of Relief Goods to the 1,860 victims and evacuees of Taal Volcano Eruption in Paaralang Central ng North Sto Tomas (formerly Gen Malvar Memorial School), Sto Tomas, Batangas City. Majority of the evacuees in the said school were the one rescued by the SAR personnel of NCRPO.

The following services were rendered to the victims/evacuees:

  1. Consultation and Treatment
    Number of Patients:
    Adult – 375
    Pedia – 381
    Total – 756
  2. Giving of Medicines
    -Paracetamol 4,500 tablets
    -Amoxicillin 5,250 capsules
    -Losartan 6,000 tablets
    -Cetirizine 500 tablets
    -Carbocistein 5,775 capsules
    -Amlodipine 1,980 tablets
    -Loperamide 300 capsules
    -Cennarizine 500 tablets
    -Mefenamic Acid 9,000 capsules
    -Multivitamins 11,280 capsules
    -Ascorbic Acid 11,250 tablets
    -Vitamin B-Complex 11,250 tablets

-Paracetamol 600 bottles
-Amoxicillin 175 bottles
-Diphenhydramine 150 bottles
-Cetirizine 381 bottles
-Carbocistein 762 bottles
-Multivitamins 762 bottles
-Ascorbic Acid 762 bottles

3.Distribution of
Hygiene Kit – 1, 500 packs
Diaper – 1,620pcs
Sanitary Napkin – 800pcs
N-95 Face Mask – 200pcs

  1. Dental check-up
    Number of patients – 9

Likewise, NCRPO distributed the following:

Distribution of food packs/biscuits and stuffed toys from TEAM NCRPO:

Food packs – 1000 (composed of rice, can goods n cup noodles, bottled mineral water n biscuits/chocolate wafer)
-stuffed toys for the kids- 250
-blanket -1000 pcs

Also from PCSO:

Food packs- 1,500 packs (rice, noodles, sardines, biscuits, milo, milk and coffee)

The number of personnel that joined the activity were:

NCRPO -150 personnel
NHQ-PNP HS- 1 doctor
– 1 nurse
RHS NCR – 8 doctors
– 2 dentists
– 16 nurses

BJMP- 3 doctors
2 dentists
3 nurses

Civilian volunteer doctors from Manila City:
-Nr. Of drivers = 14
-Civilian Doctors =8
-Nurse attendant=1

PCSO – 5

The activity started at 1:00PM at the Covered court/Gym of the said school.

Senior PCOs of NCRPO (RD and Command Group and DDs and R-Staffs and Cs, NSUs) mingled and talked with the evacuees particularly the senior citizens n assured them of the PNP support.

Additionally, the NCRPO Combo performed for 3 hours to the delight of the crowd. The evacuees enjoyed the music n songs of the NCRPO Combo.

The activity ended on 5:00PM of the same day n the Team NCRPO left the evacuation Area on 5:30PM back to RHQ NCRPO of the same day without any untoward incidents.

Team NCRPO will conduct the same Medical Mission and Distribution of Food packs on Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 at evacuation center in Rosario, Batangas Province.

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