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Metro Cops Sent To Bilibid To Assist In Massive And Aggressive Reforms

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) under the leadership of PMGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR has augmented a battalion-size police strike force to assist in the aggressive and massive reform programs of the new Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Director General Gerald Bantag.

Instead of tapping existing New Bilibid Prison guards, Bantag chose to get manpower from the NCRPO and from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. The request of Director General Bantag to NCRPO for augmentation was given a go-signal by Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano. This supplemental manpower to the BuCor was given clearance by the PNP Chief PGEN OSCAR DAVID ALBAYALDE and Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary EDUARDO AÑO.

PMGEN ELEAZAR sent a total of 551 NCRPO policemen that will assist in the conduct of special operations in Bilibid. Further, they will also help in securing Bantag and other personnel of the BuCor who would implement drastic changes against erring and VIP (Very Important Persons) convicts inside the Bilibid. The metro cops at the Bilibid will be temporary while Director Bantag conducts retraining and evaluation of his personnel.

NCRPO Chief, PMGEN ELEAZAR assured that he will be Director Bantag’s partner to ensure that all the instructions given to new BuCor director by President Duterte would be effectively carried out.

In a meeting on Friday at the NBP, Director General Bantag briefed PMGEN ELEAZAR of the security plans he crafted not only to ensure peace and order at the NBP but also to get rid of the modus operandi of convicted felons, particularly those engaged in illegal drugs activities.

PMGEN ELEAZAR, for his part, also discussed with Bantag several measures to intensify intelligence-sharing particularly the establishment of a liaison office of NCR Quad Intel Force. The NCR Quad Intel Force is the sub-units NCR based from 4 major government agencies, the Philippine National Police NCRPO, National Bureau of Investigation NCR, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency NCR and Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Joint Task Force NCR. This manifested a united stand to thwart any attempt of any convicted drug lords to communicate with their tentacles outside the NBP for the continuation of their drug operations especially those in uniform.

During his visit in Bilibid,Metro Manila top cop stressed, “Do not even dare to destroy the trust given to us of the BuCor leadership. You are here to help Director General Bantag to get rid of corruption and other illegal operations here as instructed by the President,” said PMGEN ELEAZAR.

“This is your chance to contribute in reforming the NBP, this is your chance for greatest contribution to the BuCor, to the PNP, and to the Philippine Government.” he added.

PMGEN ELEAZAR assured that interventions in consonance with the Intensified Cleanliness Policy of the region will transpire to remind the NCRPO personnel not to give in to any temptation being offered by any convicts.