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Navotas Police Arrests Top 3 Most Wanted Person Accused For Homicide

The Station Intelligence Branch and Warrant Section of Navotas City Police Station police station successfully arrested Top 3 Most Wanted Person of Navotas accused for the crime of Homicide on May 5, 2020 at about 7:20 AM along B. Cruz St., Brgy. Tangos-North, Navotas City.

The accused was identified as ARNEL DELA CRUZ JR., male, single, 30 years old fisherman, resident of No. 21 B. Cruz St., Brgy. Tangos-North, Navotas City.

The accused was arrested by virtue of the Warrant of Arrest issued by Hon. Pedro T. Dabu, Jr. of Navotas City RTC Branch 286, for the crime charged of Homicide in Criminal Case No. 37527-MN.

Information gathered through surveillance, monitoring and lateral coordination led to the arrest of Dela Cruz Jr.

Investigation disclosed that On February 26, 2008, in the City of Navotas, the accused, with intent to kill, did, then and there, willfully, unlawfully and feloniously attack, assault and punch one Roberto Aricheta, Jr. Y Faustino, by punching the latter and hitting him on the head, causing the victim to fall on the ground. The victim sustained fatal injuries which caused his death.

The said Warrant of Arrest was properly returned to the issuing court, while the person arrested is placed under the custody of Navotas City Police Station pending the issuance of Commitment Order by the court.

The NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS ensures that authorities will not stop until wanted persons be arrested by the authorities. “We also encourage our public to report any information of wanted persons within their area. We can apprehend them if we work hand in hand. Surely, NCRPO upholds the confidentiality of the informants in any similar case”, he said.