Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


NCR-wide Implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine

Heeding the order of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to place the entire Luzon under ‘Enhanced’ Community Quarantine, the National Capital Region Police Office immediately implemented the stricter measures in the midnight of March 17, 2020.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ primarily restricts the movement of people in Luzon and interactions of the public for safety purposes. This also means that a strict home quarantine in all households shall be observed. Movement shall be limited to accessing basic necessities as well as regulation on provision for food and essential health services.  Mass public transport facilities are also suspended.

The National Capital Region Police Office, as front liners, plays a key role in protecting those tasked with mitigation and response efforts and assisting the Health Department in fully implementing guidelines and policies regarding Community Quarantine to protect the community from the deadly pandemic.

No one is invincible to the disease, not even the law enforcers, thus, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS tirelessly inspects the Quarantine Control Points (QCP) where policemen are deployed in the different boarders of Metro Manila. As much as Metro Cops want to reduce, prevent and halt the spread of the disease, PMGEN SINAS also gives emphasis on their protection and welfare while performing duties.

 “I have ordered additional gears for their complete protection. All NCRPO personnel manning the checkpoint has to bring their respective PONCHOS (raincoats) to protect them both from virus and in case there is rain while they are on. I instructed all commanders to provide thermal scanners to their deployed personnel. I have also encouraged my men to make an improvised headgear – to attach an acetate to their lousy hats to cover their faces when taking body temperature. Portalets will also be placed in areas near QCPs for our personnel’s convenience,” PMGEN SINAS added.

Further, all uniformed personnel ages 54 years old and above or those with existing medical conditions except those holding key positions shall render administrative duty and shall be exempted from field duties effective March 16, 2020.

All non-uniformed personnel ages 50 years old and above except those holding supervisory positions are exempted from duty effective March 15, 2020 provided that they must report daily to their immediate supervisor via Viber to state their health condition and situation in their respective locality.

In addition to this, all pregnant personnel are excused from duties and they shall stay in their respective home/residences. They shall submit medical certificate from RHS/DHS doctors. All admin officers shall account them daily thru video calls and viber.

PMGEN SINAS guarantees that Metropolitan police will serve the public to whatever extent. “We appeal to the public for your cooperation. Do not underestimate Covid-19’s ability to spread rapidly and exponentially. Policemen together with all the front liners have families who wishes for them to go home safely as well. Everybody have sacrifices and some have sacrificed much more in this fight against this COVID 19.”

In this regard, PMGEN SINAS deployed additional police officers to assist the public in the implementation of the ECQ. “The public can expect heightened presence of uniformed personnel in Metro Manila to protect and promote the right to health of the people.”

Through constant conduct of inspection to the Quarantine Control Points (QCP), PMGEN SINAS ensures that cops on the grounds are implementing the intensified police operations and quarantine procedures.

PMGEN SINAS has been consistent in inspecting the different QCPs in Metropolis since the kickoff of the Community Quarantine. He sees to it that his men are properly serving the public with utmost precaution.

“Police officers not only in Metro Manila but within the entire Luzon are here to protect our people and not to harass anyone. We plead your cooperation and understanding. As much as possible, stay at home and to prevent further spread of the virus”, PMGEN SINAS.

“We must unite to fight the plight of this disease and be assured that we, the Team NCRPO is doing our part as law enforcers. Kakampi nyo po kami, kasama at karamay, hindi po kalaban”, he added.