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NCRPO Chief PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauds the honesty of four police officers namely PCpl Reynold Tarrayo, Pat Eddie Tomas, Pat Joey Metiam and
Pat Evangelino Delgado who returned the cash money they found in front of Q-Kibbal NCR Cooperative Stall #2 along Sitio Kislap Street East Fairview , Quezon City yesterday.

In an interview with the officers, they narrated that at about 12:30 PM of June 7, 2020, while they were about to buy lunch fron the said establishment, they saw cash money amounting to Php 10,000 scattered on the gutter of the road.

Without hesitation, they asked several individuals in the area if anyone of them dropped cash money but nobody claimed.

Hence, they decided to just leave their number to the stall manager in case the cash owner will return.

Meanwhile while they were writing their cellphone numbers and addresses, a certain Roberto Aranda Jr, technical staff at Zenshin System Corporation at 25G Roxas Street, Brgy. San Jose, Quezon City approached them and asked if they saw cash money left in the area.

The police officers consequently conducted thorough validation and verification on the claimant and required him to provide a copy of his identification card. He was also requested to verify the amount and denomination of the money he left.

After due validation, the police officers found sufficient ground to believe that he is indeed the owner of the money. Therefore, the Php 10,000 was properly turned-over to him.

Mr. Aranda Jr was very thankful for the honesty shown by personnel of the 5th Mobile Force Company in returning such amount of cash money which he will use to pay his brother’s debt.

“I commend the honesty of the 5th MFC personnel in reflecting the ethical character of honesty which is innate in every police officer. Their act of returning such cash money without hesitation is truly praiseworthy,” said PMGEN SINAS.