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NCRPO Steps Up on Clearing of Local Roads from Enchroachments and Illegal Constructions

The five police districts of the National Capital Region Police Office together with the Local Government Units have successfully cleared a total of 2,344 public roads from various sort of obstruction particularly illegal parking and terminal, illegal vendors, encroachment of building structures, extended signage and others including street dwellers, garbage and construction materials.

“The directive of President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE to all metro government officials of reclaiming public spaces during his stint on his 4th State of the Nation Address is clear; clean the streets and let the public use public facilities. It’s about time the country starts cleaning itself up,” PBGEN DEBOLD M SINAS said in a statement. “Acting upon it, the entire machinery of Team NCRPO has been active and aggressive on this endeavor that resulted 100% cleared public thoroughfares off from encroachments and illegal obstructions,” he added.

Fulfilling the muscle of road clearing operations to help in the administration’s campaign to rid the streets of obstructions, a total of 329 local roads were cleared off encroachments and illegal constructions in Northern Police District; 417 in Eastern Police District; 423 in Manila Police District; 428 Southern Police District; and 747 in Quezon City Police District, accumulating to 2,344 public roads cleared all in all.

Meanwhile, the man at the helm of NCRPO also urged the public to continuously support and cooperate with their respective Local Government Units (LGUs) in their perpetual road clearing efforts.### #teamNCRPO #PIONCRPO #GenSINAS #GenDODONG #Roadclearing