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NCRPOs Crime Volume

The National Capital Region Police Office under the leadership of PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS has been consistent in curbing all forms of criminalities in Metro Manila. The crime statistics report of NCRPO covering the period from March 15-April 30, 2020 shows that continuous decrease in criminalities because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine that prohibits unauthorized persons outside residence.

In line with this, it is also noticeable that the 8-Focused Crimes have also shown significant decrease comparing CY 2019. A total of 67.8% decrease in crime volume was recorded: Murder decreased by 30.3% from 76 to 53. Homicide by 53.3% from 30 to 14 incidents. Physical injury decreased by 74.7% from 293 to 74. Rape decreased by 71.4% from 147 to 42 incidents.

Robbery decreased by 57.7% from 274 incidents to 116. Theft decreased by 70.7% from 594 to 174 incidents. Carnapping decreased by 90.9% from 22 to 2 incidents. Motorcycle theft also decreased by 80.2% from 91 to 18 incidents.

As for the non index crimes, an increase of 18.1% has been recorded from 4731 incidents to 5586 incidents due to the strict  implementation of city ordinances as well as amplified enforcement of the current Enhanced Community Quarantine where police officers arrest number of violators.

“The decrease of these 8 focused crimes is attributed to the NCRPO’s intensified implementation  Enhanced Managing Police Operations and invigorated police presence manning Quarantine Control Points. Likewise, we expect an increase in the non index crimes for our men tirelessly enforce the ECQ guidelines and city ordinances and policies,” PMGEN SINAS said.

PMGEN SINAS also acknowledged the efforts and contributions of all the men and women of NCRPO. “I commend everyone for a job well done. However, I also would like remind our men that we have to constantly perform our duties with zeal of excellence throughout the upcoming months for us to sustain what we have accomplished,” he added.