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Official Press Statement of NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO ELEAZAR regarding EPD Police Viral in Carinderia Video

”We are public servants… we are here to serve and protect” said NCRPO Chief, PMGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR as he addressed the police personnel and the public present in the San Juan City Police Station, where the victim in the video filed his complaint.

PMGEN ELEAZAR also reminded the police that TO SERVE means going the extra mile to assist, help, and accommodate citizens beyond the call of duty. Also, as public servants, patience should be our virtue, added PMGEN ELEAZAR.

Earlier, the NCRPO Regional Director advised the complainant, Aaron Oliver Estrada Y Rubio, that he will conduct an investigation about the incident in the video where PSMS Arnulfo F Ardales of the Eastern Police District is shown – angry and verbally abusing the complainant.

At the time of PMGEN ELEAZAR’s visit at the San Juan City Police Station, PSMS Ardales was on day off and could not be contacted. The NCRPO Regional Director directed the San Juan City Police Station Chief of Police to have PSMS Ardales report to the NCRPO immediately.

PMGEN ELEAZAR guaranteed the safety of the complainant and his family as he urged them to file charges against the police officer.

PMGEN ELEAZAR also assured the public that the necessary sanctions will be justly imposed on the erring policeman. PMGEN ELEAZAR also relieved PSMS Ardales from his post in San Juan City Police Station and ordered his transfer to the Eastern Police District Headquarters Support Unit, while a thorough investigation on the incident is being conducted.

Meanwhile, PMGEN ELEAZAR said, that per the directive of Chief PNP PGEN OSCAR D ALBAYALDE, police officer PSMS Ardales will be relieved of his badge and firearm.