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Official Press Statement of NCRPO Regional Director PMGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR on the NCRPO’s winning the best Regional Police Office Award on the 118th Police Service Anniversary Celebration

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I truly cannot describe the elation I feel about this historic achievement by the NCRPO. For the first time in decades, the NCRPO’s time to shine has finally arrived.

I commend all the officers, men and women of our different districts for a job well done. You do us proud and you inspire everyone to continue to raise the bar of excellence in the performance of your tasks, our tasks. I congratulate you all.

To celebrate, but not to speak about those people who helped us achieve this milestone, leaves me empty and inadequate. For the truth is, the people I shall thank paved the way for this, our success in NCRPO. These people in reality made our job less difficult then what it was traditionally.

First, I thank our President, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE for the vision he has for our country – a drug free country that shall be capable to stand on its own one day.

By zeroing in on the illegal drug trade as a priority of his administration, President DUTERTE is the first president of our republic to have a different and unique platform upon which everything else should follow and fall into place – peace and order, economic development and ultimately self sustainability. For sure, in the area of peace and order, our President is proving himself absolutely correct.

I thank the President also for his raw wisdom. By raising our salaries and allowances, he gave us the chance to lessen the financial stress among our personnel, thereby improving every police officer’s productivity.

In Metro Manila, where the cost of living is higher than most regions, the salary adjustment is very meaningful. But most of all, in increasing our salaries, the President re-instilled the pride and self respect of all members of the PNP. I thank you and salute you, Mr. President, Sir.

Then, there is our former PNP Chief and now Senator RONALD ‘Bato’ DELA ROSA, whose task it was, to launch the war against illegal drugs – a first in our country. His firm resolve, to make sure that the war against illegal drugs does not flop in an early stage, is another significant step that has led to this milestone for NCRPO. I thank you and salute you, Senator DELA ROSA, Sir.

Finally, there is our current PNP Chief, PGEN OSCAR D ALBAYALDE, who made sure that there would be a continuity in the drive to attain the vision of our President for the country.

Aside from pursuing without pause, the campaign against illegal drugs and crimes, former NCRPO Regional Director and now PNP Chief, PGEN OSCAR D ALBAYALDE introduced his Internal Cleansing Program with the purpose of eradicating marginal drug transactions and recycling of drugs, as well as common crimes committed by our own companions in the PNP.

His Internal Cleansing Policy paved the way for us to accomplish so many things here in NCRPO. In short, PGEN ALBAYALDE planted the seeds and created the templates that are bearing fruit now in this RegionaI Police Office. I thank you and salute you, PGEN ALBAYALDE, Sir.

The vision of our President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, his wisdom, the determination of now Senator RONALD ‘Bato’ DELA ROSA and the templates created by then NCRPO Regional Director and now PNP Chief, PGEN OSCAR D ALBAYALDE are clearly the factors that have pushed NCRPO to where we are right now.

I added a new ingredient as leader of the NCRPO to continue the momentum initiated and propelled by our PNP leaders. And on this occasion, I wish to share this award with all our Media friends.

It is our Media friends who helped me project to our people, that hey, there is a new PNP evolving, one that will truly serve and protect you.

It is our Media friends who help reincarnate in the hearts of our Filipino people, their trust and confidence in their policemen so that now, our people are more cooperative in giving information and reports that lead to faster crime solution. This is why Crime is continually on the descent.

Through all these, it is our Media friends who are finally telling the people, the President was right, and continues to be right after all. The beauty of this is that the people really feel the positive changes in peace and order in their daily lives.

Thank you to all our Metro Manila Local Government Officials and residents for their increasing faith and trust in NCRPO. We need you, we need your cooperation in our war against illegal drugs and crime. Let us continue to bring down crime incidents in our Metropolis so development and progress can truly prosper. Let us remember that Metro Manila is still the face of our country to all nations in the world. So let us make it more vibrant than ever before.

By giving you the evolution of our mandate here at NCRPO starting with the vision of the President, I just unmasked myself. Now you know, that I am no Superman, but just a regular Regional Director who simply wants to continue to do what has been set forth and done.

My guess is we got the Best Regional Police Office Award this year, probably because we were just lucky to have a little more passion in doing our job and serving our residents here in Metro Manila.

And for this, I wish to thank finally, all our men and women in our Police Regional Office. Thank you for believing in me, supporting me and gutting it with me all the way – night or day, rain or shine. This award rightfully belongs to each and everyone in NCRPO.

Thank you and God bless our country even more!

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