Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


Official Statement of NCRPO REGIONAL DIRECTOR PMGEN GUILLERMO LORENZO T ELEAZAR On Republic Act 11235 – Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act

The NCRPO supports fully the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act also known as Republic Act 11235. This Law mandates that motorcycles must wear plate numbers at the front and back, large enough to be read clearly, from a distance of 15 meters. These plates will also be color coded. 

We agree with the spirit, purpose and end-objective of this Law. We believe that this Law will help decrease crimes committed by motorcycle-riding criminals such as snatchers, holdup men and assassins. 

Just yesterday, a policeman in uniform from the NCRPO was shot dead by riding-in tandem assassins in broad daylight, and in a major thoroughfare such as EDSA. In the same thoroughfare, also in broad daylight, a businessman was killed by assassins on motorcycles just a few months ago. 

While we have data to show that crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals here in Metro Manila have gone down by 53% from 2017 to 2018 last year, with murder specifically down by 85% over the same period, there are always exceptions – callous and fearless criminals who prey on our residents and who kill for money. Team NCRPO will pursue these criminals relentlessly. 

One argument by those who are against the new Law is that they are “riders, not criminals.” Well, the new Law never generalized that riders are criminals. The law simply allows for an easier system to catch criminals in motorcycles as these evil people do not wear plates at all. It will be easier now for the Police to flag down and investigate those without plates, because of the new Law. We do not even need a checkpoint now to perform our function legally. 

Thus, we ask the public, especially our motorcycle riders to accept the new Law and embrace it without question or resentment. Let’s give it a try. This Law has been studied well by the members of our Congress and should be good for the great majority of our residents in Metro Manila at the end of the day. 

Here in Metro Manila, the NCRPO firmly believes that with this Law, we can bring down the crime volume that motorcycle-riding criminals generate, to lower and lower levels over the months and years to come.