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National Capital Region Police Office



The Chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauds the alertness, immediate action and outstanding courage shown by the personnel of Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU)-Quezon City Police District (QCPD) during a hostage-taking incident at the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) at about 5:50 AM of July 1, 2020, wherein they were able to rescue the hostage victim and apprehend the hostage taker.

Suspect was identified as Hilarion Achondo, 51 years old, security guard and a resident of No. 32 Milagrosa St. Project 8, Quezon City.

The initial police report showed that the suspect went to the EAMC early in the morning for treatment after suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident.

However, at about 5:50 AM of July 1, 2020, while an emergency doctor was attending to patient, Achondo suddenly took a syringe and pointed the same to the neck of the doctor and held her as hostage.

The commotion created an alarm and panic that caught the attention of CIDU cops who were also at the hospital investigating a stabbing incident. Immediately they responded to the incident and were able to successfully pacify the suspect. Careful negotiation was also conducted by the police officers, thus, after several minutes of dialogue, the suspect was convinced to release his hostage and threw the syringe. He was then immediately arrested by the CIDU and was apprised of his Constitutional rights.

Initial investigation revealed that Anchondo does not have any motive/reason for taking a hostage. According to the suspect, his action was impulsive and the hostage taking was unplanned.

Suspect was brought to the CIDU in Camp Karingal for proper disposition and further investigation.

“I commend the CIDU QCPD for giving paramount emphasis on the safety of the hostage, and the hostage taker himself leading to the peaceful resolution of the crisis. This accomplishment is reflective of Team NCRPO’s dedication and commitment of a more peaceful, orderly and safe Metro Manila for all,” PMGEN SINAS emphasized.