Philippine National Police

National Capital Region Police Office


STATEMENT OF PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS Regional Director, NCRPO, RE: Misconduct of Police Trainees inside Dormitory

Pictures and videos circulated thru social media MESSENGER show police trainees’ conduct unbecoming and drinking liquor inside their dormitory.

The NCTRC’s Regional Training Director immediately identified the police trainees, issued appropriate Deliquency Report and conducted a formal fact-finding investigation regarding this matter.

While the investigation is on-going and pending for the convening of Academic Board and due process, these police trainees are temporarily held in abeyance and not included in the list of Graduates for February 10, 2020.

Meanwhile, our C, PNP, PGEN ARCHIE FRANCISCO F GAMBOA ordered the relief of the Regional Training Group for Administrative Investigation in order to guarantee our public a quality training for rookie police officers.

We wanted to ensure a strong sense of foundation for our future law enforcers that will become a remarkable contribution to the quality of service the PNP has to offer to the Filipino people. The new breed of Metro Cops should not only be physically fit, emotionally balanced, mentally sharp, morally upright but most of all, perpetually disciplined.

As the NCRPO commits on the continuous implementation of Internal Cleansing Program of our Chief, PNP, this should serve as a lesson and a precautionary tale for all – that delinquency and misconduct will never be tolerated under my watch.