Philippine National Police

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Statement of RD regarding PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE’S approval

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“The President’s approval on the way I handled the cops involved in Robbery/Extortion activity yesterday only shows the consistency of our President – how he abhors policemen involved in the illegal Drug trade and policemen taking advantage of our war against illegal drugs to make money for themselves. He has called these cops as Narco cops and even Narco generals. The drug war, as perceived by our President, is a noble war. It is designed to save our youth from drugs and its ill effects. It is meant to save the so-called future of our nation. President Duterte has said and warned drug lords and pushers time and again not to touch or drive our youth into drugs or he will kill them.’ While his is a figure of speech, the content and message is very clear. Based on the President’s message, our mandate has been established. The PNP is tasked with implementing an all-out war against illegal drugs and cops who are in one way or another involved in this illegal trade. This is why our current Chief PNP Oscar Albayalde launched our Internal Cleansing campaign – the primary targets being cops in the drug trade, and secondary targets being cops in criminal acts. What makes the incidents yesterday more appalling is these incidents of Kidnap with Robbery or Kidnap for Ransom have had precedents. We have entrapped and arrested police scalawags who were in the same illegal activity in only recent months, and yet some still carry on with their illegal and criminal acts. It’s as if some of our police will never learn. Well, we at Team NCRPO are committed to wiping out these kinds of criminal acts and weeding out the bad policemen from our ranks. We seek an ideal PNP organization that will be respectable and honorable down to the last uniformed policeman; and where there is no space for scalawags and rogue cops. In closing, let me say this. While we will relentlessly pursue and remove police scalawags in our ranks, we will passionately thank and reward those good cops who have accounted well for themselves. We will continuously give due recognition to our achieving cops and I will personally reward these admirable cops. I truly believe that an ideal PNP organization can be a reality someday, soon. I know that when that day comes, our children can openly and proudly declare the words’ Pulis ang Tatay Ko.”