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Woman Gave Birth At Police Mobile

The members of the National Capital Region Police Office continuously extends their help to the community in different ways. In this light, Navotas City Police Station promptly assisted a pregnant woman while they were conducting mobile patrol on May 2, 2020 along Barangay Tanza 2, Navotas City.

One pregnant woman together with her companion, asked policemen on board the mobile for assistance to take her to the hospital for she was about to give birth. Police officers immediately took her to the mobile and suddenly, the woman gave life to her baby at the police mobile.

Thereafter, the woman and her baby were rushed at the Tanza Lying in Clinic for medical intervention.

PMGEN DEBOLD M SINAS lauded PEMS Caisip, PCpl Gregmar Arconcel and PCpl Harry Alejandro together with their Chief of Police, PCOL ROLANDO BALASABAS for rendering an excellent service in the midst of emergency. “I am proud of these police officers for the assistance they have given. It is such a rare opportunity to protect the life of a gift from heaven- a baby,” he said.

“We are glad that the mother and her child are safe and sound. This incident proves that our public can trust and rely on our Metro cops for we our bound to serve and protect our people beyond our mandated tasks,” PMGEN SINAS added.